Aubrey was her name

A place for important and inconsequential introductions:

Hi, I'm Aubrey.
I share my name with a 1973 song by "Bread".
I would gladly eat all the ice cream or BBQ flavored kettle chips in the world.
I arrange skittles and M&Ms according to their color and eat them in rainbow order.
I love spontaneity- even if it's planned. I sometimes snort when I laugh.
I say things with confidence and often make up my own words.
I know nothing about current music but will totally rock out to whatever my roomates are listening to
and will ALWAYS join you in a livingroom dance party.
I had never eaten Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Burmese or "real" Chinese food until 2 years ago and now I am obsessed!
(thank you slai and jham!)
I've moved more times than I can count on my fingers and don't want to ever stop exploring new places.
Coffee and good red wine can transform any day.

And more importantly:
I have feet restless for adventure and a heart anxious to know and feel the deepest things.
There is something immensely powerful in God displaying His story through our lives.
I am grateful for the story He is writing in my own.
And I am desperate to continue finding Him in all the people, places and experiences I encounter.
I delight in Always Finding More.