Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tasty Thai

On our first evening in Phi Phi we ran into an overly informative dive instructor that gave us the lay of the land.  He divulged the hidden gems of island to us, telling us the best places to eat and when to go.  Sadly we only made it to one of his suggestions- the un-named Pad Thai shack boasting the best pad thai on the island.

  Set behind a lively wet market, down a small side alley, this hole in the wall establishment was easily identified by the handwritten accolades dripping from the ceiling and walls.  People from every country imaginable had left notes testifying to the quality of these delicious pan fried noodles.


The Land of Enchantment was even represented!

One essential ingredient in this tasty Thai dish... garlic. Loads and loads of garlic. 

as we sat savoring our dinner the owner sat peeling clove after clove of garlic in preparation for future orders.  I wonder how many heads of garlic this place goes through a day... 

I made it a habit to try Pad Thai everywhere we went.  My final assessment of this "Best PadThai ever"... B+.
the robust garlic flavor slightly overpowered the sweetness of its sauce, however the chicken was tender and flavorful and the bean sprouts crisp and earthy.  The noodles were perfectly fried, the lime added a bright citrus burst and the peanuts brought a little somethin'somethin' extra to the consistency!  

Best Pad Thai I encountered... Railay Beach (west), Krabi.  ...simply perfect!

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