Monday, March 18, 2013

Coming Soon... list #2

My apologies for not being more on top of it.  Friday came and went faster than I could realize!  A lot has been happening over here.... Like getting ready for a brand new job starting Next Monday!  EAK!

Regardless, Please stay tuned... Blog Challenge List (BCL?) # 2 will be released later this week for sure.  I promise!!  Possibly even later today if I get my buns in gear. (otherwise i will have 2 very disappointed blogger friends breathing down my back.)

This list was initiated by the talented and delightful Stephanie and is a compilation of dreams, wishes, goals and someday someways...  Some refer to these as bucket lists... but don't feel confined to a mere list of to dos and sees.  This can be anything.  While you *patiently* wait for mine to materialize, start thinking of your own!! or... check Kara and Stephanie's blogs... and then start harassing them for their past due lists too!

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