Thursday, April 25, 2013

Amelie Introductions

A couple years ago my very creative and awesome friend wrote this lovely post about Amelie and her ability to bring a character to life via a quirky description of their likes and dislikes.  Though brief, these odd-balled introductions capture more of the true essence of the characters.

Using this idea as a stepping stone, I present Blog Challenge #4 -

"15 Things You Should Know About Me: An Amelian introduction to Aubrey"

  1. I prefer salty to sweet, unless its ice cream. Ice Cream trumps everything
  2. I often make up my own words… and facts
  3. I bake bread in a lime green Chantal Dutch Oven
  4. I prefer political intrigue to any other movie genre
  5. I don’t really care for apples, oranges, grapes or bananas
  6. I despise group planning
  7. I can only drink milk if its ice cold and accompanied by cookies
  8. I prefer jewel tones over brights- except in office supplies
  9. I got my first coach purse for Christmas this year- and finally feel like a grown up
  10. I would rather spend money on food than entertainment, but I’d chose travel over both
  11. I prefer tulips or ranunculus over roses
  12. Owning a piano makes me feel musical the way owning a kitchen-aid makes me feel like a chef and having tall bookshelves makes me feel scholarly
  13. I clean my house frantically before guests arrive (and rarely any other time)
  14. I’d pick a Gin over Champagne
  15. I’m not necessarily a “morning person” but I feel compelled to wake up cheerfully

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