Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kaleidescope of Happiness

Vibrant colors make me happy!  

I love walking out my apartment door and having the world at my fingertips.  The curbside market full of bowls, mops, thinga-ma-jigs and whatcha-ma-call-its brings a bright splash of joy to the drab greyness of Asia.

The neat rows of beads and gems always add a little sparkle to my day.  I love taking a gander at table after table of trinkets and goodies.  Whether curbside commodities or indoor accessories, markets make me smile.


Who says kaleidoscopic art can't be aesthetic and appetizing?! One of the few coffee shops to be found in our neck of the woods offers fruit platters with pizazz!  Tasty and Fabulous. 

When the pollution, persistent smog and concrete everything get me down, I am happy to find a few treasures  to add some vivacity back to my life.  Hope you find something full of color and character today!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I really miss things sold on the ground!!