Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Kicks!

The 'oh so fabulous JHam' (and her inspiring accomplice Etsy) have recently rekindled my need to create.   And what's more fun than art you can wear!!  A couple days ago while looking for running shoes, the girlies and I found a much more entertaining option than athletic wear- plain white Vans-esk slip-ons.  (i say "Vans-esk" because these particular $5 shoes are actually LeiNiEr brand- the E Asia knock-off equivalent of their more known "Off the Wall" counterparts)

Reminiscent of Jr. High when skaters and skate shoes ruled the school, and the coolest of cool kids customized their kicks with sharpies and white-out pens, we each bought ourselves some new kicks and dreamed at the possibilities of the blank canvas.  

When pen (and paint) finally hit paper (or... canvas) this was the result:  

I suggest everyone go out a design your own shoes.  Its super Fun- I kinda want to make a pair for every mood.


Corrine said...

I think the tennies are absolutely adorable! You should take a pic of everywhere they take you...like in Bangkok...what are the tennies seeing??? I hope you have a great adventure...keep us all posted. I love you tons

I'm Steph! said...

I love your shoes! Too bad we have to be super careful about when and where we wear them! Have they survived your trip so far?